"With our help, organisations can make better decisions, react faster and do more with the same resources, understand the decisions and trade-offs being made, minimize waste and maximize effort towards achieving their goals.”

Joonas Ollila, CEO and foremost expert on Finnish Mignon eggs (yes, please feel free to google what they are)

A road travelled efficiently

(pun intended)

Weoptit Oy was founded in 2013, by Dr. Olli Bräysy a multiple world record holder in algorithm speed and scalability for all variants of vehicle routing (get the pun?) and workforce management problems. Olli’s specialty is development of efficient models and powerful optimization algorithms to challenging practical problems across discrete optimization areas.

Through being commissioned by a great number of organisations and institutions, Olli soon saw that companies were being fed off-the-shelf optimization software solutions that ultimately needed the business to adapt its business to the software – which, ironically, was not optimal.

And so, Weoptit was born!

As at the time of writing, Weoptit has over 60 years of cumulative hands-on optimization solution experience, and over 100 research publications in international journals. And have proudly completed and embarked upon numerous projects across a full spectrum of industries, delivering customized customer centric solutions in Finland and internationally.

The Great Acquisition

(not to be confused with the Spanish Inquisition)

In 2018, Weoptit were acquired by the Visma Group to be the optimization arm of Visma Consulting.  While allowing Weoptit to remain independent, the acquisition gave rise to a broader network of support and opportunity, which has been continuously capitalized upon, enhancing our ability to develop world-class prescriptive analytical solutions.

In 2020 (a year most will never forget for other reasons) we were chosen by Gurobi to be their exclusive premier partner for Northern Europe because of our proven expertise as an optimization solution provider.  This relationship further strengthens our ability to pioneer in the world of optimization and all the connected fields around it.

The team

(powered by Finnish coffee)

We are a great mix of all sorts with one thing in common, we love what we do! Whether it is one of our Optimization, Modelling or Forecast specialists (often found in dark basements) or Software developers/consultants (who never forget the semi-colon), or our sales and business team (who make dad jokes sound funny) – we will always come together as one cohesive unit to produce the best possible outcome.




Head of Sales & Partnerships


Special Consultant


Senior Software Architect, Team Lead


Senior Optimization Specialist


Software Developer


Software Developer


Software Developer


Software Developer






Optimization Specialist


Picture of Joonas Ollila

Joonas Ollila



Patrick Dudley

Head of Sales & Partnerships

A picture of Petri Lillberg

Petri Lillberg

Chairman of the board

Olli bräysy

Senior Fellow, Founder