Weoptit Oy is a Finnish consulting and software company founded in 2013 and owned by Visma Consulting Oy. Our world-class data and advanced analytics solutions are based on tens of years of experience in developing optimization models and algorithms, which help solve complex problems around the globe. Weoptit consultants have been involved in the development of many commercial optimization software and in over hundred optimization projects. Our clients include some of the world’s largest companies as well as several Finnish listed companies.

Picture of Joonas Ollila

Joonas ollila

Dep. Ceo

  • joonas.ollila@visma.com
  • +358 44 230 3847
  • Based in Helsinki
A picture of Tuomas Lahtinen

Tuomas Lahtinen

Head of development

  • tuomas.lahtinen@visma.com
  • +358 44 768 1918
  • Based in Helsinki
A picture of Petri Lillberg

Petri Lillberg

Chairman of the board

  • Based in Helsinki

Olli bräysy


  • Based in Jyväskylä